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Susie Meyers Golf

Creative marketing approach to improve Susie's journey

About the Susie Meyers Project

Susie Meyers has a reputation as one of the top GOLF Teachers for every type of player. She’s taught PGA and LPGA professionals, top college golfers, and every level player you can imagine. Susie knows GOLF. She knows that self-management = performance. Susie’s passion is teaching players to play at their full potential. Golf requires a solid golf swing for sure but Susie works just as much on the mental game teaching her “GOLF FROM POINT A” philosophy.

If you know Susie, you love her. Her passion is golf and her ambition is to teach (and grow) her POINT A approach to playing your best golf. Susie came to intrinzik for one sole purpose - “Help me to grow my ‘GOLF FROM POINT A’ philosophy. Come up with a fun way for me to engage with more golfers and teach my mental game so everyone can improve.”

At that moment, Susie’s students would meet her at the driving range for lessons. Some take playing lessons, but Susie would teach one student at a time. Susie wanted more and faster. Keep in mind that Susie’s mission was “to grow” and “have fun”.

How We Helped Susie

The intrinzik team presented a win-win to Susie, with the simple idea of creating POINT A Thinking seminars and workshops at country clubs. Taking Susie to the golfers instead of one golfer at a time coming to her. The intrinzik solution is simple, effective, and fun. The impact on Susie’s business is meaningful in many ways. She is giving back to others and creating better golf for everyone she meets.

The Outcome

While the approach is not unique, it is a sustainable solution that will only continue to evolve for Susie’s business. intrinzik just unlocked Susie’s energy by developing the marketing approach from the customer’s perspective, allowing Susie to see that by directly going to the golfers enhances the value of her brand, she is still directly involved, and she reaches many more golfers and she’s having fun. Susie’s struggle to grow her brand has been resolved - and she’s making a big impact.


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